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Sample Marriage Contract

Many Christians have become dissatisfied with the current legal status of marriage. They rightly see that the state marriage license is a meaningless document in protecting marriage or the interests of the husbands, wives, and children involved. They would like to see a truly biblical marriage covenant which would preserve the concept of "fault" should a divorce occur and would effectively deal with a number of issues that a Christian marriage should address. However, there are certain advantages that attend the state marriage license that are legitimate and desirable.

To help remedy this situation, Culture War Associates has hired an attorney to assist us to draft a sample marriage contract with a biblical character.

In doing this, we have used our own perspective relating to doctrinal issues on marriage and divorce. Not all of you will agree with these, but we invite you to use this as an outline in preparing a marriage license suited toward your own understanding of these issues.

This sample license is not to be construed as legal advice. Laws in your state may be different than ours, so we suggest, that you use and alter this sample to fit your doctrinal perspectives. Then take it to a local attorney to insure that the language is what you need for what you are trying to accomplish.

Click here for an HTML version of the Sample Marriage Contract.

Click here to download the Sample Marriage Contract - as an MSWord Document.

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