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porcpineBooks by Paul deParrie

Foster's Night

Read Foster's Night Free Online

Foster's Night Read the Author's Note before reading Foster's Night. It is part of the tale of the early, Twenty-First Century journalist, Foster, who runs afoul of the prevailing culture's rabid, institutionalized political correctness. As a result must flee into the arms of the Old Man and his doomsday cult -- which turns out to be something altogether different.

Jesus Against the Church

If Jesus came today
what would he say?

A Free E-book
By Paul deParrie

Jesus Against the ChurchJesus Against the Church was written to expose the Christian church as being to blame for the moral degradation they seem to delight in deriding.

Read "Jesus Against The Church" Online Click Here

Dark Cures: Have Doctors Lost Their Ethics?

Huntington House Publishers 1998

Dark Cures: Have Doctors Lost Their Ethics?Dark Cures exposes the vile underbelly of modern medical ethics. This world of morbid pragmatism and blatant disregard for human life is one that none of us can afford to ignore. Dark Cures provides a "survival guide" for you and your loved ones' next trip to the hospital.

Blood Upon the Rose

Crossway Publishers 1992

Blood Upon the Rose Fiction. Jason Crabb, an Oregon auto mechanic and volunteer baby "cuddler" at the local hospital, finds himself in an ethical dilemma. What should he do about a newborn who is purposely being starved to death at the request of his parents because he has Down's Syndrome? Crabb's solution makes him the object of a nation-wide FBI manhunt and leaves his wife and children under surveillance. Can he save the baby, himself, and his family?

A Haunt of Jackals

Crossway Publishers 1991

A Haunt of JackalsFiction. A child is conceived, but all too untimely for mom. While the baby grows, mom ponders. Meanwhile, a black psychologist simply can't resist walking right into abortion clinics and counseling women out of their plans. The paths of all three collide in a final rescue attempt.

Satan's Seven Schemes

Wolgemuth & Hyatt Publishers 1991

Satan's Seven SchemesSatan hasn't changed his tune since the garden of Eden. With minor variations, all his temptations are the same as those he used to trick Eve. Once these schemes are exposed, they lose their power -- if you want to overcome.

Romanced to Death:
The Sexual Seduction
of American Culture

Wolgemuth & Hyatt Publishers 1990

 Romanced to Death: The Sexual Seduction of American Culture Western Christian culture has been seduced by the Love Myth. The results? Several sexual revolutions, skyrocketing venereal disease, single motherhood, and general cultural demise. How do we remove the cultural blindness and begin the return to a more sane -- and biblical -- view of sex?

The Rescuers

Wolgemuth & Hyatt Publishers 1989

The RescuersThe gripping stories of ordinary people who risked their reputations and freedom to save babies from abortion.

Ancient Empires
of the New Age

Crossway Publishers 1989

Ancient Empires Of The New Age When we look around at the "new" religions called New Age or Millennial, it is hard to imagine that all the so-called New Age religions have been around since Babylon -- and beyond. This is a fascinating journey back in time to the true birth of the New Age.

Unholy Sacrifices
of the New Age

Crossway Publishers 1988

Unholy Sacrifices reveals the pagan influences behind the shift in medical and social ethics and how those changes will affect you. How do Christians take a prophetic stand? Unholy Sacrifices lays down the groundwork.

Friends -- We will no longer link to Amazon.com as they sell child pornography. We refer you to www.ichristian.com for book purchases and ordering. Porcupine does not receive a percentage on sales here, but then, these folks don't sell pervert books.

Paul deParrie

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