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Days in the life of a baby-killing center

Lovejoy abortuary in Portland, Oregon, 933 NW 25th, is the state's largest baby-killer. Do your friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family help baby killers? Maybe you'll see them here. If so, maybe you can talk some sense into them. Take a look.

cross.jpg - 25359 Bytes

Do you know this lovely lady doggedly protecting the abortionists from prayer?

escort1.jpg - 18227 Bytes

And what about this guy? Is he a neighbor or co-worker? He is an abortion provider in his spare time. The redhead is a old-timer. You'll see more of her later.

odd.jpg - 27755 Bytes

Here's an odd couple from the abortion gang. Do you know them?

waiting_man.jpg - 4157 Bytes

This guy was waiting while his child was killed.

nice_cars.jpg - 7745 Bytes

Nice cars -- for "poor" abortionists and for "poor" abortion customers.

mm1.jpg - 12872 Bytes

A bad picture of a murdering mom leaving after the evil deed.

red.jpg - 34772 Bytes

"Red" again. A better look at this baby killer.

costumers.jpg - 11597 Bytes

Another bad picture of abortion "customers."

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