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Jesus Against The Church 

By Paul deParrie

Jesus Against The Church -- By Paul deParrie

Paul deParrie © 1991 (Revisions made in 1997)
Jesus Against the Church was written to expose the Christian church as being to blame for the moral degradation they seem to delight in deriding.


To Theophilis O. Ihekeronye, who came along just when I thought I was crazy.


I am thankful for the help and inspiration of Steve Gallagher of Pure Life Ministries. It was my discussions with him that brought to light the need for this book.

I am grateful for the encouragement of Mike Hyatt, a publisher unafraid of controversy when he senses a real need for it.

Dozens of other believers helped me sift through the material and hone the ideas for this work and I appreciate their help and criticisms.

And finally, my wife, Bonnie, who permits me to grumble, grouse, and agonize while I write and who does more to help me sharpen my points than any other.

To Internet and BB Readers:

You are welcome to make a hard copy of this manuscript. Please do not sell it in any form. It is intended for the edification of anyone who cares to take the time to read it. Criticism is invited. I am able to receive e-mail through

-- The Author

All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reprinted or copied for sale without the express, written permission of Culture War Associates.

Download Jesus Against The Church as a MS .doc file.
(You will need WinZip to unzip the files)



Part I: Hard Sayings  
Chapter 1 Jesus: The Negative Factor / Bad News for Modern Man (Apologies to Franky Schaeffer) / A Plumb Line / The Sound of Judgment / The Bitter Pill / The Leaven of the Pharisees / Religious Sins / Mirror, Mirror / Medicine Unused / The Price or the Possibility Chapter 2 Where the Blood Is / Contracts in Blood / Atonement in Blood / Innocent Blood / Bloodguilt

Chapter 3If So Facto

Part II: Blood  
Chapter 4 Molech and the Canaanite Child-Killers / Bloody America / Death by Desire, Not Intent (1997) / To Bite the Bullet or To Dodge the Bullet / Reaping Chapter 5 Killing for Christ / Apostolos / The Glory Buzzards / Whitewashed Tombs and Holy Bones / Revisionist Christian History / Deathstyles of the Poor and Prophetic / Upon Our Heads / The Bowl of Pottage / The Measure of Our Fathers / The Legacy Continues
Chapter 6 Blood on the Head / The First Woe / Dare No Discipline / Antinomian Stew / Psychochurch / Blood of the Saints / The Blood of Unbelievers Chapter 7 Paper Walls / Dead Letters and Living Epistles / Justice Delayed / True Religion or Truth Religion / Sins of Omission / The Blood of Christ
Part III: Sweat
Chapter 8 The Works of Man / Tares / Three Weeds / We Don't Need God / The Bumped Cup Test / Nit Pickin' About Pickin' Nits Chapter 9 Money Madness / Philaguria / Consider the Lilies, How They Toil / Creeping Needs / Pharisitical Fundraising / Let Us Seize the Inheritance / God Doesn't Need Me
Chapter 10 Special Appearances / The "Ugly" Principle / Where the Bones Are Buried / Kingdom Approval ratings / Rabbis and Reverends / Phylacteries and Ph.Ds / They Shall Know You By Your Baubles / The feast of Fools / The Divine Jester Chapter 11 What Kings Do / The Messes People Make / Methods and Madness / The Sound of Wind / Against the Flow / The American Temple Sideshow / The Power Trust
Part IV: Tears
Chapter 12 Sacred Heart Revealed / But You Would Not / Ichabod / The Church Illegitimate / Outside the Camp / Where His Heart Is / The Judgment of Blindness / The Buck Stops / The Last Refuge Chapter 13 The Question / The Hope of Israel / Blessing the One Sent / The "Day of the Lord" Dodge / Seek Ye First the Faults of the Pagans / How Long, Oh, Lord / The Other Shoe / It Can't Happen Here / Where We Stand / Eighteen Inches
Chapter 14 The Surgeon Eternal / Ultimate Values: Unity or Holiness / If My People / Shepherd's Bane / Other Responsible Parties / How Shall I Admonish You? / Metanoia

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