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Welcome to Cybercards activism page.

Have you ever wanted to send a picture of an aborted baby to some politician who just cast a baby-killing vote, or to some newspaper editorialist who seems more concerned about a "woman's right" to avoid stretch marks than a baby's right to live, or to some letter-to-the-editor writer who cant seem to understand why people are upset over abortion?

Here's you chance to do something. It is well known that dead baby posters are an effective tool in educating even the thickest of skulls, so Madawaska Productions is making this new tool available to you.

Most politicians have e-mail, as do most newspaper writers. They are usually available on the Web somewhere. (Letter writers' e-mail addresses are often printed in the publication with their names.)

Now when you hear about Senator So-and-so's vote, it doesn't matter that you don't live in his district -- or even in his nation -- you can show him the results of his vote in terms with which he can't argue.

Just combine the text you want with the photo you prefer, add the e-mail address, and send. It couldn't be more simple -- or inexpensive. Join us in a little cyberactivism. Come back often -- and tell your friends about it, too.

Cybercards will be back soon!

Click on any of the images below to send a Cybercard!!

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