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porcpineThe Porcupine Awards

Current Porcupine Awards

Keystone Kops Award

Calgary, Alberta

Awarded August of 1999 to the Calgary, Alberta, Canada Police for ineptitude in criminal investigations of the infant deaths at the Calgary Foothills Hospital. Honorable Mention to the Calgary Regional Health Authority (CRHA) for their assitance in covering the killings of born infants who were "defective" at the hospital. When an Alberta newsmagazine reported that nurses had observed hospital personnel killing born "defective" infants (in violation of several Canadian laws) and calling it "genetic termination" or genetic abortion," the government agency, CRHA, swung immediately into action -- protecting the hospital and killers from infanticide charges using the shield of "fear of anti-abortion violence." CRHA went to court and obtained an injunction prohibiting further news reports on "genetic terminations" and demanding that the magazine surrender their sources for the story. The Calgary police started an investigation and, after reviewing the hospital's records and doing precisely zero interviews with staff -- including the ones who first reported the killings, came to the conclusion that no crime had been committed.

Rusty Coathanger Award

StierAwarded August 1999 to Abortionist Bruce Steir who, in the name of safe-legal abortion, has left a trail of dead and mutilated women (not to mention babies) behind him. Honorable Mention goes to the California Medical Board for the numerous times they have allowed Steir to continue practicing on women in hopes that he will one day "get it right." Steir now faces second-degree murder charges in California for the last death which occurred somewhat after the Board finally yanked his papers. Steir's dedication showed through as he continued to try to get it right for the sake of women's rights in the face of the Board's decision to pull the plug on his practices. Read more about it here.

The Wha-a-a-t? Award

TerryAwarded August 1999 to Randall Terry, co-founder of the infamous Operation Rescue (Motto: If abortion is murder, then act like it!), for his bizarre performance on CBS's 60 Minutes II where he simultaneously asserted that the Unborn were fully human and that using force to protect them "doesn't make sense." Read more about it here.

The Neville Chamberlain Award

fem4life.jpg - 9210 Bytes

Awarded August 1999 to Feminists for Life for their sycophantic response to the shooting of serial child-killer Barnett Slepian by sending condolences and flowers to the abortorium where Slepian was employed, adding to the cash award offered for information leading to the capture of the shooter, and offering to open a "dialogue" with the child-killers in the area to "reduce the rhetoric."

Current Porcupine Awards

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